We are proud to have in our past performance collaborative successes with some of the best organizations.  Here is a relevant catalog of our past performance.

Client Services Successful Outcomes Created

Department of General Services

Agile Transformation Initiative

Coached on the development of four enterprise product development efforts, including a Legacy Grant Governance System Product Replacement; and consulted on the readiness of the organization to initiate an Agile transformation.

Boston Consulting Group

Agile Transformation Initiative

Engaged on an emergency basis to support the efforts of a partner firm engaged in a transformation effort for a large healthcare insurance firm.

KAIP Consulting Group

Team Performance Optimization

Worked with a growing professional services firm to enhance their Lean capabilities in their operational domains, and establish an Agile Services service offering.

KAIP Academy

Operational Governance System

Coached and led Agile development of a comprehensive digital system to govern the initiation and execution of a large professional development academy program, including content management, marketing, enrollment automation, and feedback.


Process Optimization and Information Architecture

Embedded with multiple teams to assess and improve technology and information architectures supporting critical project work, collaborate agilely with client teams to create multiple information solutions.

Fortuna BMC

Core Business Product Development

Coached and led teams through the development of enterprise governance systems for the firm’s key business operations, including talent acquisition, proposal response, and lead acquisition.

Franklin Templeton Investments

Agile Framework Implementation

Developed and implemented an agile IT development methodology for a global technology division, cutting production time by more than 85%.

California Department of Insurance

Enterprise Risk Framework Assessment & Optimization

Performed rapid, in-depth assessment of current state of risk governance for a $200M project, and designed and governed an optimized framework implementation.

Blue Shield of California

ERP-CRM Architecture Assessment and Change Management

Assessed and designed optimizations for a massive, customized ERP-CRM system, provided organizational change and governance coaching, and provided IT governance consultation to division managers and staff.

California Highway Patrol

Legacy Enterprise Collaboration System Replacement

Led CHP’s first Agile delivery framework for a 11,000-user enterprise collaboration legacy system replacement, product portfolio optimization, and staff Agile coaching and training.

Employment Development Department

Legacy ERP Project Quality Assurance Transformation

Coached and led development of a massive improvement to critical elements of the quality assurance program of a $150M+ in-flight ERP product development. Created an automated deliverable quality management system, a comprehensive auditing program, and implemented a low-touch, high-result metric program.

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