Brightline Solutions has multiple areas of expertise to assist your organization’s Agile evolution.

We are ready to lend seasoned, professional expertise in the following areas.

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Agile Consultation and Coaching

Product Management

Vision Formation and Governance

Roadmaps and Release Planning

User and Persona Identification

Delivery and Iteration Governance

Iteration Cadence Formation

Co-Location Strategies

Training Programs

High-Performance Teams

Minimal Viability Assessment

Velocity Governance

User Story Writing and Mapping

Advanced Estimation Techniques

Test-Driven Development

Pairing: D2D, D2T, D2B

Epic Development and Story Writing

High-Validity Demonstrations

Frameworks and Methodologies

Enterprise Automated Testing

Scaled Agility: SAFE, LeSS, Hybrids

Communication Frameworks

Decision-Making Frameworks

Delivery Frameworks: Scrum, XP, Kanban, Lean

Organizational Design and Change

Change Readiness Assessments

Accountability Maps

Change Governance

Employee Empowerment

Engagement and Incentive Programs

Sponsorship Coaching