Welcome to the Brightline Solutions Gallery!

Here we display some of our more successful and well-received graphic depictions.

We share on insights on the value that you can leverage with these artifacts, and maybe an amusing anecdote of two.

We will be adding to this Gallery regularly — please visit often!


Gallery Exhibit 1: An Agile Delivery Framework

Depicted below is a schematic of an adaptive, responsive delivery framework that can be tailored a number of ways to meet the needs of an Agile development initiative.

The critical component is the initial discovery, definition, and adoption of the Product (or Service) Vision.  From that, critical data such as key business objectives, primary user groups and personas, and conditions of satisfaction and completion are established. Following that, a number of paths may be taken: roadmapping, user story mapping, or even a direct input of ideas in epics, feature, or story form into a product backlog. A user story mapping session could lead directly to release planning, or to input into a tool, with release planning occurring subsequently.

An important takeaway is each of these components has a function that is related — but distinct — from each other; and while every product’s delivery is different, it is important to start with a framework like this to see what best to include and emphasize.


Gallery Exhibit 2: An Agile Transformation MindMap

Depicted below is a mindmap of an adaptive, responsive transformation framework that can be tailored a number of ways to meet the needs of an organization’s Agile transformation initiative.

The major noes of the map are those we have found to be the most critical to address in evolving transformations. The domains and topics associated with each are those that we offer to our clients as optional starting points for conversation, envisioning, piloting, or focused effort. We add and groom this map as needed, so stop by and see the latest increment of this piece.