Brightline Solutions is a professional services group dedicated to Agile and Lean methodologies and frameworks.

We are based in Northern California, and serve the public and private sectors of that state, as well other states throughout the US. We’ve consulted with federal and state control agencies, Fortune 100 financial and insurance companies, environmental firms and regulatory agencies, laboratories, and hospitals — as well as dozens of growing professional services firms.

Brightline is dedicated to the establishment, growth, and optimization of Agile development and transformation services for our select clientele in the private and public sectors, while seamlessly blending appropriately sufficient organizational design change to support these evolutions.

We are specialists in the development of effective, lightweight development frameworks; high-performance, innovative-outcome teams; and the delivery of high-value, business-prioritized, end-to-end, complex digital software products and services.

Our focus is our client’s user and product communities, their teams and culture, and the continually improved state of each. More than anything — We love happy users.